Antonio Colás Nieto


I am a Laboratory Research Officcer at the lab. My project will revolve around mouse electrophysiology in a virtual environment, in order to understand more about how depth is perceived in the primary visual cortex. I’ll collaborate with Yiran and Antonin.

I completed my degree in Biology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, at Madrid, Spain, where I did my undergraduate research project with Dr. Marta Nieto on interhemispheric projections of PV interneurons under changes to the excitatory/inihibitory balance. After that, I went to study the MRes in Experimental Neuroscience at Imperial College London, where I worked with Prof. Nicholas Mazarakis on the developmentt of genetic strategies for reducing focal hyperexcitability in epilepsy; and with Prof. Samuel J. Barnes, on noninvasive electrical stimulation to control network hyperactivity in early Alzheimer’s disease.

I like novels, plants and, unfortunately, politics. About London, I really enjoy the red buses and the ease with which one can bike anywhere.